The Amandege Team

Nadege Faverais- Creative Director, Colourist, Educator and Co-Owner

Nadege is a creative director, colourist, educator and co-owner of Amandege with her creative partner, Amanda. Nadege has over 20 years of experience working in the hairdressing industry. Nadege began her training in France and spent 4 years working as a Stylist/Colourist in Paris. With her Mum having her own successful salon in Paris for the last 30 years, it was no wonder Nadege wanted to follow in her footsteps! After moving to the UK, she worked in a prestigious West London hair salon for 8 years; 5 of which she was the main educator before opening Amandege. Nadege is regularly involved in competitions, artistic work and hair shows. She was a finalist at the British Hairdressing Awards in the ‘Southern Hairdresser of the Year’ category. Nadege’s passion for hairdressing shines through her work and she aims to consistently provide the best possible experience.

Amanda Flory- Creative Director, Colourist, Hair-Up Specialist and Co-Owner

Amanda is a Creative Director, Colourist and Hair Up Specialist. Having 15 years of experience in the hairdressing industry, Amanda has more passion, drive and creativity today than ever before. Being involved creatively in the artistic industry, Amanda has amazing opportunities working on various shows at London Fashion Week for the past 10 years. Also, Amanda has assisted some of the top people in our industry including Ernesto Montenovo, Paul Guido, Robert Masciave, Jamie Stevens and Paul Hanlon. Her career has taken her to style for BBC and ITV for various shows and travelling the world styling hair for shows and editorials. She also has experience working on stage at Salon International UK/Paris giving seminars to fellow hairdressers. Amanda loves to help train her team; passing on all of her skills, passion and creativity. With all of this creativity put to use, Amanda is our Bridal Specialist; working on location in the UK, overseas or in salon styling brides. With time evolved and now running a salon, Amanda feels Amandege is the perfect setting to promote the perfect experience loving all aspects in her career!

Samantha Stevenson – Head Stylist

We welcome Samantha as our newest team member. Originating from North Ayrshire in Scotland and with over 7 years experience as a stylist, Samantha loves all aspects of hairdressing  but has a special interest in Hair up. Customer focused and with a real passion for making her clients happy we know that Samantha is going to be a great addition to the team.

Holly Tanner- Junior Stylist

Holly is currently working on the salon floor as our Junior Stylist. Holly is passionate and enthusiastic and enjoys all aspects of hairdressing. Holly is also responsible for ensuring we always deliver unprecedented service due to her attention to fine detail. She is the inspiration behind our monthly service themes; always coming up with exciting ideas.

Megan Fisher – Assistant

Megan has a strong passion for hairdressing and is eager to learn. She is already qualified in her Level 2 in Hairdressing. Megan is currently training with I.T.S. and with our academy on her Level 3! Megan has received great feedback from clients for providing the ultimate relaxation; delivering Amandege’s head massage to perfection.  Megan is creative and has a keen eye for hair up.

Emily Stevenson- Assistant

-With her friendly, smiley nature, Emily is a great addition to the Amandege team.  With a  keen ambition and drive to progress within the hair dressing industry, she enjoys all aspects of our world. Emily is currently enjoying training and learning and putting her new skills into practice.

Kasia Bonito- Front of House Specialist

-With over 12 yrs reception experience under her belt and having previously worked at a luxury spa, she is well equipped to manage all aspects of our reception. Sharing a common  interest in art and design and a keen passion for creativity, Kasia is in the ultimate environment to Thrive. Having such strong experience in customer service Kasia is here to meet your every need.

Sami Aiouaz – Trainee Stylist

We welcome Sami as the newest member of the Amandege team.